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Propane Delivery Andover CT 06232 - by Daniels Propane

When you need a dependable propane delivery to your Andover CT residence or business location, you can always count on Daniels Propane to supply gas brought straight to you. Give us a call on 860.342.1200 to schedule installation, propane solutions or propane delivery.

Propane is recognized as an extremely secure and also flexible fuel which can be used every place in your house and business. It can power a wide variety of devices such as heaters, stoves, fire places, garments dryers as well as generators.

Are you ready to switch? Then call Daniels to set up an appointment for Andover Propane Deliveries

Daniels Propane is a full-service home heating oil company that has been serving Andover and the entire Central Connecticut/Shoreline region for over 90 years.

Since 1926 in fact, the Daniels household has given households like your own excellent customer service. As our neighborhoods have expanded as well as house heating technologies have actually altered, we have actually stayed up to date with the times. Only dedication to our customers has not changed. Call us today for courteous and reliable trustworthy service.

If you live in the Andover CT region, get in touch with Daniels Propane for the dependable regional solution you should have!


by Renee C on Daniels Propane LLC
You have the BEST Customer service.
Your City/Town :: Middletown, CT

By the way, you have the BEST Customer service. Tim came to my house last week, just for a gas fireplace installation and I’m changing to you from Osterman for my gas deliveries. Even on the phone your customer service can’t be beat. Just so you know, I’m impressed.


We have been most impressed with the service we have received
Your City/Town :: Tolland, CT

Daniels replaced our HVAC system last fall for one that would provide reliable, consistent heat and cooling throughout the house. From the first meeting with David DeTuccio and Keith Tyler to thoroughly discuss the project with excellent advice, to the professional installation team, and continuing with expert regular maintenance, we have been most impressed with the service we have received.
Dan Wholley

by Ray McKenna on Daniels Propane LLC
Daniels is a breath of fresh air.
Your City/Town :: Tolland, CT

If any of you are looking for a heating/AC company for service, I thought I would share my experience with you. Gail and I have used three different companies over the past eleven years that we have lived in the Village. One of them stands out for service and honesty - Daniels Propane & Daniels Energy. We started with Fox. We were underwhelmed by their service. Next was Harp. If anyone wants to know our Harp experience, I will be happy to share it. Let’s just say there was a trust issue.
Daniels is a breath of fresh air. We had a problem this past weekend. We are signed up for one of their Maintenance Plans offered to our community. Their serviceman for our community, Ron, came out on Sunday, worked on our AC, decided a part was needed and that he wouldn’t be able to get the part till Monday. When he got home (a 45 minute drive) he discovered that he could locate the part and proceeded to drive back out here immediately. He fixed the system and we were back to AC.
Ron has performed our maintenance plan checks over the years and has been there for us before. We have huge confidence in him and in Daniels Propane & Daniels Energy. I don’t know about you, but we are not from the area and thus have had mixed results when trying to get help for various things. That makes our experience with Daniels stand out all the more.
Ray McKenna

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We're ready to provide you with the best price and reliable propane services in Andover CT - 860.342.1200

Commercial/Industrial Propane Specialist

Contact: David DeTuccio, Jr
General Manager
Propane Division
Daniels Energy Services
860-912-4271 (cell)
860-342-1200 x-137 (office)
860-342-4203 (fax)


Residential Propane Specialist

Contact: Tim Pappas
Propane Specialist
Residential Installation
Central CT & Shoreline
860-813-9118 (cell)

Installations • Propane Storage Tanks • Gas Piping • Hot Water Heater • Fireplace • Swimming Pool Heater • Cooking Stove • Clothes Dryer • Patio Heater • Barbeque • Residential Heating


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